Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Thinking of our troops and those who have fought for us today. And to celebrate the day, here are some pics from our visit to the Iowa Jima during Fleet Week. Great views of the city from the ship, lots of visitors, and a great chance to talk to some of our military men and woman.  Got to see the Ospry and the Huey and pick up an M-4 (or so I'm told).  

The weather was fabulous here, which led to lunch and more walking.  What a great end to a 3 day weekend.  When is the next one?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Taste of Summer

It's been a beautiful weekend here in New York, so I've been able to spend plenty of time exploring the streets and relaxing in the park. I couldn't think of a better picture to describe the coming of summer.

Yes, that is a Strawberry Shortcake Good Humor bar from a Central Park vendor. And it was just like I remembered it.  What amazes us is how frozen they maintain the ice cream all day.  It's not a bit melty at purchase.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Church, A Club, A Delightful Market!

I didn't know Limelight back in the day, when it was one of the hottest spots in NYC. I'd like to think I was just too young, it was big in the 80s after all after opening in 1983. Phrases to describe it include "notorious" and "drug soaked disco hall". And then it closed in 2007 after much complaint from the neighbors, I'm guessing. For the past few years, it's been a spot for sample sales and pop up stores.

Well, it's now a wonderful market. A little bit like Chelsea Market, high end shops, great marketing and product placement, and a cool space. Having recently opened, I decided we needed to take the short walk over and check it out. Let's face it, I'm more likely to make it to a well done marketplace than a club these days.

The space is really nice inside, preserving the stained glass and alcove feel of an old church. The windows are from the original church, the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion and date to 1844.

But then it's just retail, retail and more retail. I saw quite a few cute things that would make great gifts, favors, and yummy treats. There is an area for little shops including Mariebelle Chocolates, the candy store IT'SUGAR, a perfumery and more. And then there is the eating area with gelato, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and a place for sandwiches. The shopping area is supposedly modeled after the idea of London's Covent Garden.

Jezalin's for sandwiches and cheese:

Cupcake Stop which opened it's first brick and mortar store after their successful cupcake truck:

The miniature wedding cake candies at Little Candy Cake Co.:

Butterfly Bakeshop

In the summer there will be a farmer's market, Peak Season Green Market, outside to pick up produce. All in all, a big win for the area and somewhere I'll definitely be venturing back to.

And Grimaldi's is coming! It's not here yet, but they'll be selling slices 24/7 from what I hear. Since I haven't made it to the original in Brooklyn yet, might just get it here first.

This is really just a preview since I'm 100% certain we'll be back to try out the goodies.

6th Avenue & 20th Street

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekends Away Can Be Wonderful

Wow, it's been way too long!  After a wedding in Florida and a very busy week at work, I've sort of just been playing catch up.  But that's no excuse not to post.  So here are some pictures of the wedding in Naples.  The reception was at the Beach House at the Ritz Carlton (where they aim to anticipate my every need).  I had a moment where I realized what it would be like to not do anything - no schlepping groceries/bags/luggage, my car just appearing when I want it, a chair and side table suddenly set up for me on the beach...

And the flowers at the reception were gorgeous.  I was thinking about it later, and realized that what made them so nice to enjoy as a guest, is that they were high enough with a see-through vase that I could see across the table.

Back in New York now and I had the first taste of what the hot muggy summers can be like here.  But it's the weekend and no complaints here!


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