Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Touch of Sweetness at Bouchon

How is it possible to have a head/chest cold in the summer? No fun, that is for sure. But we ventured out for a sweet treat this afternoon. One can't spend all day inside on such a nice weekend.

Eventually we made our way to Bouchon Bakery at the Time Warner Center. Pistachio Macaroon for me and a TKO for him. One of Thomas Keller''s favorite cookies is the oreo and the TKO is his reinterpreted version with ganache between 2 chocolate cooies. Both were a hit. These are the classic french macaroon with the light crispy outside and buttercream frosting inside. And the flavors are seasonal at the little take away bakery.

And these are a picture of the Linzer cookies because I really haven't seen any as pretty.

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Mommy Mayhem said...

Jillie!! I just love this place!! One of jared's best friends works for Thomas Keller and he gave us a box of these beautiful delicious treats and they were Unforgettable. I do believe we are due for a trip there.


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