Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review...The Wines We Drank

I decided sometime late 2009 that it was easier to remember what wines I drank if I just took a picture. The label, the food I drank it with, I thought that would all help me remember the wine. It kind of worked. I will admit, it's come in handy. At least I can scroll through the pictures in the store to try and remember the one we liked "that last time."

It also made me realize I go back to the same wines. The 1st time we had Wyatt, I remember the guy at the store describing it as "gulpable". On Chambers Street. It's really funny what exactly I remember..

BYOB at Gazala Palace (two TeAwa's here)
Lots of chicken breasts and wine
$9.99 bottle left over from book club
Our thing for Rose

We're ending the year with a Pinot Noir from Crush, picked up on the way home from work. Here's to more wine in 2011!

I think this is the first Wyatt.

We carried this back from Naples!

Lenz, Gazala Palace

To the left is the wine we picked up on the way to dinner with Mari and Jared. It's so funny how this comes back when I add captions!

Cantina Z...this was one we had in NYC and at Anna's house.

This is from the Eataly wine store (thus lots of Bastianich wine)

TeAwa the first time at Gazala.
See, TeAwa again at Gazala, goes great with Druze.
Paul Marcus Wine, Berkeley

I liked the label of the Pinot Project. Grand Central.

My one wine tasting, with a friend.

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Southern Aspirations said...

Love it! Have always intended to do this- started but never remembered to take pictures consistently. And much easier than trying to remove the labels.


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