Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All I Can Say is....Sooo Nice!

It's been a very cold, snowy winter. Very cold. And very snowy. I think we've had some sort of storm every week since Christmas. So I was so excited to fit in a trip to Palm Beach between last week's snow and this week's slush/sleet.

I'm very lucky to have great girlfriends from business school, and we've made a real point to get together on a regular basis. We are spread out among NYC, Atlanta and DC and try and congregate somewhere warm in the dead of winter. It's hard to believe we graduated in 2004. Where does the time go? Things change, and some things just don't change. I suppose that's what make friends so great!

Tonight is just a quick look at some sunny pictures to spread some warmth to all my cold friends! I don't mean to make anyone jealous, but it's just too good to not share! More to come, because you all know how I like to photograph food. And it makes me happy to look back over the weekend.

I played around with Hipstamatic and Instagram for these shots. Sometimes I think I may overdo it with the choices and filters. I just can't help it and like the way some of them look. A little retro!

These are pool side at the hotel, late afternoon on Saturday. Breakfast, walk on the beach, lunch, some spa time, afternoon wine. How much better could it get? I think someone on the trip said that if you have an afternoon drink, you are really on vacation.

I was a big fan of the mini cupcakes at the spa. I may have had one. Or two. Did I have three? It was easy to lose count because someone would come rearrange the plate to remove the empty spaces!

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