Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Weekend

You'll have to just indulge me. There is no theme to my post tonight, just pictures from the weekend. Alas, don't fear, dear readers. For my next two posts I'll be back on familiar ground (food post!), just in the Florida Keys.

The bouquet was so pretty and smelled so nice! Mary, the planner, and I discussed how there was one flower in particular that was pretty and smelled great mixed in here. Not being a flower person, I'm not sure what it was. Mary knew, I should have remembered!

Long way from home!

I love these chairs on the dock at Little Palm Island, just in case you didn't know.

I'm letting another picture of actual people sneak in, we had so much fun touring. Well, I was actually my sister's assistant, coming with her to "take notes" of course.

There was quite a bit of wildlife on this trip: pelicans, roosters, deer, iguanas.

And here is where we stayed, Parmer's Resort, just about a mile from the Little Palm Island boat pick up on shore. Very cute and relaxing.


Dupree said...

The pictures are gorgeous! All the best to Amy & her new husband.

Jillie said...

Thanks for checking them out! Wow, how did my younger sister get old enough to get married?? How old does that make me? :)


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