Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the Season!

I've been quite bad about posting these past few weeks, and there are so many wonderful holiday things to capture and post. Alas, I'm a little under the weather, so we are going to ease back in with an easy one.

This is from the Chelsea Market. I loved the overwhelming number of lights they used to decorate the arch. The market is such a little hidden gem of tasty places to eat (check out Freeman's - we've been twice now) and food stores for tasty treats and staples for your Italian kitchen. We enjoy Chelsea Wine Vau

I've discovered the all Christmas Music All the Time station in NJ, so I'm certainly in the spirit!


Southern Aspirations said...

WOW the lights are amazing! So sorry to hear you're not feeling well!! I am sending you chicken noodle soup virtually. ;-)

Jillie said...

I know, I can't imagine putting them all up! The soup made it, I'm feeling MUCH better today. On to more posting and capturing the snow tomorrow!


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