Saturday, April 3, 2010

iWant the iPad

I claimed to be a techie girl, but haven't posted anything techie related in far too long. So, to show my dedication, I thought I'd share my iPad release experience from earlier this morning. To say I'm part of the Apple family is an understatement. I'm a mac fan-girl! While there was a moment where I wondered "why do I need another device?" I knew I'd be the owner of an iPad at some point in Q2 2010. I haven't committed yet, but did want to check out who else committed...

This is from last night as we walked home past the Meatpacking Apple Store. One lone future owner and the security guard:

But we knew it would be busy this morning, so instead of our regular Joe trip, we went to the Apple store first. Not only was there a crowd in line, there was a crowd watching the in line crowd.

I really wondered whether the Friday night guy made it through the night, and he did:

It was interesting to watch employees more excited about a product and company than I have ever seen. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone felt that way? It makes you wonder why you'd buy it at Best Buy today, it's so much more fun at the Apple Store. As a plug for my video further below, you can hear the roar of the crowd below.

This is me looking in, still iPad-less.

I just loved this picture of the crowd hanging out. It's 8:30 am, she clearly has make up on, and her cigarette (unfiltered?) and coffee:

It does make you feel a little special when you watch this and know it will be yours very soon. Unfortunately, I didn't capture our red haired friend bound up the steps, but this is still entertaining:

Victory is Ours:


Anonymous said...

No offense, but this is freakish. If they were applauding giving the iPads to charity, I would be all for it. What happens if you get it on April 4th? Would the world stop spinning? These aren't even kids! Okay, I will stop my tirade. I just think it's a really sad commentary that we are in the worst economy in 70 years, and this is our focus.

Jillie said...

I appreciate your post, I do understand. We have larger issues like healthcare, Afghanistan, exponentially increasing national debt...the list goes on and on. I was unemployed for 8 months, hit by layoffs after solid reviews and performance. I suppose I feel like I still want to enjoy the little things, even if it's people getting excited over products. Hey, it was free entertainment. Besides the coffee on the way home. I walked a mile, got exercise and spent $2.

I do love comments, thank you for posting!


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