Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Street Fair: All 321 of Them!

When summertime rolls around, and you are wandering the streets, you will inevitably come upon the New York street fair.  Blocks and blocks of grilled corn, gyros, crepes and lemonade.  Traffic will be blocked off with pedestrians wandering in the streets.  

And the stalls will repeat themselves so if you pass on the mozz-arepa on one block, you can get it again.  Yes, that's a mozz-arepa and they aren't really that tasty.  I think it could do with a tastier cheese.

My favorite part is the grilled corn.  For the price of one ear, I could buy more than a dozen.  But where can I grill it, or have them put the spicy seasoning on it with a little bit of butter?  It's hard to pass up!  And they are so yummy.

There are over 300 street fairs in the city.  There is a movement to limit the number, or make them a little more individual.  I have to admit, they are all very very similar.  In addition to the corn, you can get sheets and socks.  It's one of those New York things that just makes me smile when I see it.

This one is from the Upper West Side.  I even got the corn guy to pose once he realized I was taking pictures.


Mommy Mayhem said...

I enjoyed my first NYC street fair last sunday!! It was extra fun!

Butler said...

They are not all similar, they are all exactly the same! Your first one is great, but after that it's all the same smoothies, arepas, gyros, fake jewelry and the like. I love the idea, but a little more individuality would be nice. Something that related to the neighborhood would at least make them relevant to something. I want to know what it takes to be a vendor, because there are always tons of people walking through them!

Alan said...

From Dad, just testing!


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