Sunday, June 28, 2009

Can Good Brownies Be Lowfat?

Did I mention I love brownies? Hands down, it is my all time favorite dessert. My mom apparently realizes this, because every time I make a trip home we make brownies (which will be in addition to any other desserts my mom makes). I'm a nuts-in-my brownies kind of girl. But it's hard to make everyone in this house happy, so we don't typically add pecans or walnuts. I have been known to add nuts to half the pan before baking.

I will save my post about box brownies versus home made, simply because this Trader Joe's find is recent and deserves a post. I enjoy sweets and almost never make them lowfat. I am a big believer in eating really tasty, yummy ones in moderation (ok, ok, so I've eaten half the pan, too, which does not count as moderation). They are just so much more delightful when you can taste the buttery crisp-ness on the edge of a chocolate chip cookie, or the most fudgy-ness of a good brownie. But in my house we have a rule that each week we need to bring home 1 experimental item from TJ's. So I finally gave in and bought the No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix.

I'm a fan. They were the right combination of crispy on the top and gooey in the middle. I will admit I probably even ate more of the pan this time. I would consider doubling the recipe with another box and cooking in the same 8x8 pan for a thicker brownie.

I'm not sure how they perfected this mix, but it's good. And at a great TJ's price.

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Southern Aspirations said...

I didn't know about the TJ rule in your house... interesting! They have great prices on specialty cheeses too, fyi. Yes, I totally think of you when I think of brownies. Will have to try to recreate my pecan pie brownies and post them for you.


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