Friday, March 18, 2011

And Spring is Here!

What a great day today (even better if I didn't have to work). Gorgeous weather! After traveling 2 hours to Princeton for a class, and getting the notice that it was cancelled 2 minutes after arriving there....I felt like the day was a waste.

But on the way home we made a run to Berrywild for fro yo (it was that kind of day). I'm not into the tart thing, but this place does the tart AND the smooth. So the regular frozen yogurt, coffee, it was. Here's to Friday! It's almost better than a drink. Though I did manage to have some Chenin Blanc with dinner, that was pretty good, too.


LD said...

Too bad about the class! John & I had lunch this afternoon outside at Tre Piani. We had a glass of fabulous super Tuscan, and I had fettuccine with sausage sauce. For dessert we both had hot chocolate cake in phyllo. AMAZING!

Jillie said...

I saw your check in! Lunch SOUNDS amazing, and is making me hungry. Hope you enjoyed your week away. I missed you in Princeton, but I'll be back March 30th for another try.


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