Monday, September 5, 2011

Posing Pepper Farmer

We were afraid Irene had wiped out our Greenmarket growers, so ventured there Saturday afternoon to check in on our favorite agricultural men.  Our favorite growers didn't have lettuce, curly leaf parsley, carrots or celery.  The batch they planted 2-3 weeks ago to be ready this week was wiped out.  And they weren't sure about the vegetables planted to come in a few weeks.  If the water gets in there, it can just rot the growing veggies in the ground.  But they have about 500 acres in Goshen, NY, so quite a bit did survive.  

This is my posing grower picture.  I snapped the peppers above and he asked if I wanted him to pose.  Sure! Then he asked if it was going to be on  Sorry, no, but it is going up on Jillie of All Trades.

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