Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twin Lights Ride: 30 Miles

Start of the Ride
I signed up for the Twin Lights ride back in July.  And I convinced a fellow triathlete to ride as well.  Of course, as the day approached, we were suddenly willing to give up on the entire ride if it rained.  So much for being hard core during triathlon training, it's all gone out the window.  But we confirmed our plans Saturday night and said 30 miles might be enough.

100 miles?  
I got my pick up before the Holland Tunnel and off we went to the Highlands in New Jersey.  The ride was really nice and the weather held out for us, not a lick of rain.  I have a nice farmer's tan to show for it.  We rode through the back roads of New Jersey.
2nd Pit Stop.  There was a chocolate fountain here.

Yes, at mile 11 we were tempted to just continue on the 55 mile route.  And then, after a bit of debate, we decided to finish 30 miles strong.  Good call, as my behind was ready for a break by mile 30.  Gearing up for another ride next weekend, this time up and over the George Washington bridge.

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