Thursday, September 1, 2011

SBUX all the way to OBX

Richmond, Va area:  green iced tea
Needless to say, we made a lot of stops from DC to the OBX.  Quite a few at Starbucks. I started out with a grande skim latte outside DC.  Moved on to a green iced tea around Richmond.  Around Norfolk I moved on to the black iced tea.  A, my college roommate and car buddy, had 2 along the way as well.  Of course, every drink necessitates another stop along the way. 

What's funny is that I really never go to Starbucks. There is one in the base of our building where I'll meet people during the day.  I do go to the ING across the street for a Peet's.  But hey, I was on vacation and wanted to sample the offerings.  And I did, again and again.

Norfolk, VA area:  black iced tea
May as well capture the outside, too
A's Passion Lemonade

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