Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday: Hot Hot Hot

It's hot here.  That's how I'll sum it up.  I'm not sure I realized what 103 felt like, but that sun is brutal and there is just no escape if you are walking somewhere.  Even with all the free snacks and drinks at the office (yes, I am appreciative), sometimes you just want a change, or to get out.  So McDonald's smoothies all around.  I opted for the ice cream cone.  As basic as it gets, but very tasty.

Goal today:  Keep Cool


LindsayDC said...

Oh that's one of my top 5 favorite treats - the McD's cone - and only like 100 calories - except that quality control over portion size is a bit spotty (I think I've had cones 3x the size of the recommended serving ;)

Jillie said...

Seriously, it's a deal. And for some reason I like to think that whatever size they give me, it's all 100-150 calories? I have definitely had bigger ones, though :)


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