Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainy Sunday = Coffee & Doughnut

Rain.  More rain.  But it's Sunday and we like our coffee. So we geared up (me with umbrella, M is too much of a man to carry an umbrella apparently) and set off.  

First stop:  Doughnut Plant.
We didn't even check to see if it was open, we took our chances.  As we approached, the blackboard was not out, but I saw movement inside.  YES!  I hadn't seen the oatmeal cake doughnut out before, but had heard good things.  M got his cinnamon bun.

Second stop:  Lavazza at Eataly
This is one of our favorite coffees in the city (I still want to check out the west coast Blue Bottle in Brooklyn).  Yes, we brought our own pastries.  I like the Italian ones at Eataly, but not as much as my Doughnut Plant doughnut.

So a quick report out.  This doughnut was really really good! I didn't know what to expect with the oatmeal, but it created a crispiness on the outside.  And the outer edge of the doughnut has a crisp crumb to it.  And the glaze soaked in to make it moist.  Loved it.  There were some fruits or something in there.  Delicious.  I was doing research on the other flavors and saw the Carrot Cake has cream cheese in it.  That's my next one.

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